Ford automobile that we present this time is a very attractive car coming from the Ford Car manufacturer, The Oval Blue.  The car with the body style of truck comes with a new design. Ford’s new truck comes with the official name of 2012 Ford Ranger. This is a Ford Ranger truck that will come next year, 2012. Prototype 2012 Ford Ranger is covered in camouflage some time ago, but this time we present to you along with the many speculations about this car. 2012 Ford Ranger is Ford’s vehicle, which reportedly comes with a possible design of new lighting, newly designed rear cluster. A Ford automobile has a dimension that is longer and wider than the existing version of the Ford truck today. The car is very interesting, rumored to be on sale in Europe and America.

Ford’s most underrated truck, the Ranger has begun to reassert itself into the driving consciousness. Serviceable and spacious, the Ranger has become a must-have for those drivers who want a go between and a full-size F Series model and a smaller, less dynamic light-truck.  The Ranger gets the job done, as it incorporates enough ruggedness to let you know you’re driving a Ford while also providing a compact, less intrusive machine to do your bidding in. The modern amenities are all here, and the body-style is typical Ford presence, authoritative and suggesting. A classic in its own right, the Ranger makes drivers proud.

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